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August 2nd, 2020

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Hi everyone!
Thank you so much to everyone that came to the meeting today. It’s been a great start to the new year!

What is DOC NC?

  • DOC NC, or Dedicated to our community of North Carolina, is a local non-profit that raises funds for a different organization each year. In the past, we have fundraised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, Duke PBMT, and the Suhanee Foundation.

Black Lives Matter

  • The black community is disproportionately impacted by systematic racism.
  • Currently, there have been protests across the world in support of BLM.
  • Why should DOC NC support BLM:
    • The entire world is coming together for this cause.
    • DOC NC has the platform to help these people so as young leaders we have the job to do so!
    • We are “young leaders serving in our community and beyond”


  • Had lots of styles of dance from western dance to Bharatanatyam
  • Over 100 participants
  • Classes were donation-based and the funds went towards the following places:
    • North Carolina Black Alliance
    • Ymca Lighter Y Achiever Program
  • Have raised over 220 dollars!
  • More information at docnc.org/racenc

Upcoming Events:

  • August: RaceNC
  • September: DOC NC Field Day/Picnic
  • October: TBD
    • Cary Diwali is canceled, unfortunately.

RaceNC: 5k race

  • August 9th – 15th
  • Competitors will download a running tracking app (ex: nike run club, strava, etc.)
  • You can run anywhere with a 5 dollar registration fee
  • Please share this idea with friends and family!
  • All funds will go towards the NC Black Alliance the YMCA Lightner Y Achievers
  • Contact Sarayu with any questions at racenc@docnc.org.
  • More information at docnc.org/racenc.

Fundraising Pitches

  • Things to take into consideration: Office in the Triangle? Volunteering opportunities for us? Is it relatable to our community?
  • NC Community Bail Fund of Durham
    • Help pay bail up to 2000 dollars
    • Helps keep people who committed minor crimes out of jail so that they can spend time with their families
    • The current system keeps the poor in jail and takes away people’s ability to stay at home as a role model for their children
    • The money will go towards getting people who committed minor crimes out of jail
  • Emancipate NC
    • Minimize mass incarceration
    • Want to make the world a safer place for people of color
    • Free children from jail who have pushed into it due to systematic racism
  • Asheboro Zoo
    • Largest natural habitat zoo in the world
    • Zoos are losing money due to lack of visitors from the pandemic
    • Animals are lacking resources due to a decrease in ticket sales
    • Funds will go towards wildlife research and helping the animals
  • A Doorway to Hope
    • Based in Cary
    • Gives a helping hand to low-income families
    • Provides daily necessities to these families and 95% of the money goes directly to them
    • We can provide funds and give household essential baskets
    • This is important because due to the pandemic many families have lost jobs 
  • Equality NC
    • secure equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) North Carolinians
    • Focus on racial justice as well
  • Best Friend Pet Adoption
    • The funds would go towards securing homes for pets
    • Secure food and resource for pets in shelters
  • Smart Start
    • Helps young children and families by providing outside enrichment
    • Ex: books to pediatricians and schools
    • Have a location in Raleigh
    • Provide resources to families at risk so that they can have the resources to succeed
  •   NC Green Power
    • Climate Change is an ongoing global issue
    • Many people lack clean water and food
    • 1000 dollars can go towards 720 students to work on solar projects
    • Also, have speakers who can discuss topics like renewable energy
  • CASA
    • Helps homeless people
    • Our money will go towards building new homes for homeless people and paying for homes
    • Volunteering opportunities include making gifts for the tenants and older volunteers can go to physical sites to help

What we did well last year!:

  • Became more organized
  • Great song!
  • Raised over 13,000 dollars
  • Persevere through COVID: online meetings made masks, etc.
  • Diversified our volunteering opportunities

Problems and our Solutions:

  • Meetings were loud
    • Solution: we will talk AFTER the meeting and Sonia will bring a bell to meetings.
  • More interactive meetings
    • Solution: people will organize team-building exercises instead of presentations each month.
  • Members are not educated on the issues we’re fundraising for
    • Solution: DOC Talks which are 1hr discussions on issues that affect our community like global warming or LGBTQ rights, helps raise awareness and educate all of us on other perspectives
    • The first DOC Talk will be August 9th at 2:30pm.
    • Here is the link: https://meet.google.com/eqm-dvdu-fjd
  • Cooler Events
    • Solutions: Members should suggest new ideas and smaller ideas can be executed through be your own leader month, ex: daycare service fundraiser, community movie night, etc.
  • Events can be unorganized
    • Solution: Sign up sheet will become more visible during events!
    • The Leadership team will take steps to make sure we know what’s happening
    • Sign up genius automatically sends event reminders! Members should pay attention to this
    • Communications will take not to remind members of event dates and their responsibilities
  • More member feedback and collective decisions
    • We are collectively deciding are fundraising choices!
    • Also please feel free to talk to anyone in the leadership team about your suggestion
  • Keep everyone in the Leadership Team involved
    • We will update the website more often and social media
    • Leadership will be given weekly goals
  • People do not know how hours are given
    • Hours are given for each meeting and event you go to.
  • Laughter club can be improved
    • Members should research standup and watch videos to learn
    • Also, the laughter club should present more!
  • Parents can be overbearing
    • Parents will give minimal feedback during meetings
    • After the meetings, the leadership team and the parents will stay to go over feedback and member who want to stay can
  • Diversity
    • All members should invite one friend to DOC NC
    • We will not be talking Hindi at our meetings
    • Explore other senior centers with all types of cultures
    • Members should be able to speak up when they feel that something is not all-inclusive
  • Website Updates
    • DOCNC.org
    • All members should try their best to use their personal social media platforms to advertise to people
    • We updated past initiatives and added the constitution
    • Please suggest any suggestions to the website to Shreya

We ended with DOC NC Trivia by Sarayu!

Last note: SUGGESTION BOX please use it to give timely feedback and suggest new ideas!

Next meeting: September 9th

As always check out our social media!

  • Instagram: @doc_nc
  • Facebook: @DOCofNC
  • Remind: text @docofnc to 81010
  • Contact anyone on the leadership team if you are not on the email list!

Thank’s again to everyone that attended the meeting.

Sonia Birla
P.S. I will announce the DOC NC 2020 Beneficiary tomorrow morning!

P.P.S The RaceNC Flyer is below. Please share it!

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