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August 4th, 2019

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Thank you all for coming to the meeting today! I know there are a lot of notes, but please read over them!

  • Welcome new members, thank you for your interest in DOC NC!
  • Dedicated to Our Community of North Carolina (or DOC NC for short) is comprised of students who volunteer to fundraise money throughout the year to donate to a specific organization/cause each year, which we choose at the first monthly meeting. We have monthly meetings and events that all members are invited to attend and participate in.
    • Our Mission: Young leaders serving in our community and beyond.
    • Our Vision: A network of inspired people around the world making a difference
  • Last Year Update:
    • Raised $15,000 for a playground for the differently-abled in Morrisville, held 11 events, over 50 members participated.
  • This Year Update:
    • Already raised $150 for the new year!
    • We have not decided on an organization yet, so for the next meeting in September, kids should come with a 1-2 min presentation of an organization of their choice that they would like for DOC NC to focus on.
    • Keep in mind when picking an organization: 
      • Make sure that it connects with our mission
      • makes a positive impact
      • do you believe in it?
      • does it impact our people?
      • will it be easy to raise funds?
      • does it have a brand name in the market?
  • Upcoming Events 
    • September: Fundraising at Walmart (Not confirmed)
    • October 12th: Cary Diwali -Set up a booth, sell glow sticks, face painting, henna tattoos, etc.
    • November: TBD
    • December: Annual Christmas Show for retirement home/senior citizens group, performances (singing, dancing, magic show, poems, etc)
  • Separate Projects:
    • Cyber-Seniors: Every Saturday, 1-2 hour classes are held at HSNC for kids to teach the senior citizen group about technology. These include simple concepts, social media, posting, youtube, etc. The new year starts in September. Contact Armaan (punjarmaan@gmail.com) if you’re interested in joining.
    • Legacy Project: Once or twice a month, a group of 5-6 kids sit down with a Senior Citizen and interview them. They tell their life story and important moments. The interview is filmed and after editing, a flash drive with the video is given to the interviewee to keep. Help is needed with interviewing, editing, filming, music, etc, and it is a great opportunity for kids to improve on these skills. Past interviews were held with Dr. Katariya, Ramesh Vora, Dr. Wani, and Vijaya Bapat. Their stories are meant to inspire and teach the younger generations. Contact Sonia (soniabirla913@gmail.com) and Shreya (shreyagundam@gmail.com) if interested.
    • The Wisdom Exchange (WE) Program: This Senior Buddy Program is an opportunity for a senior and a student to come together and share their experiences. This is a great way for kids to have a better relationship with seniors in their community and an understanding of their heritage. The students will call once every week to talk to their senior (who will also act as their mentor) along with meeting them once a month and celebrating a festival with them. Overall, the goal is for kids to connect with their heritage and community in a more personal way.
    • Teaching the Visually Impaired in India: DOC NC raised over $20,000 for a school in India, Antarjyoti Balika Vidyalaya, where the children are visually impaired. Kids who know both Hindi and English will WhatsApp call the students in India and teach them about how to communicate and act outside. Contact Anita Punj Anita.Punj@ppdi.com  or Sonia soniabirla913@gmail.com to join.
  • Aayush did Trivia
  • We have a digital suggestion box at https://forms.gle/MNVydcPtVV7ELt3h6
  • Shirts have a recommended donation of $10; the money will go towards our cause. Here is the link with the sign-up: https://forms.gle/xFiqLGu2o7wUw7M46 
  • Social Media and Important communication information: 
    • Website: docnc.org
    • Instagram: @docofnc
    • Remind: Text @docofnc to 81010 to get reminders for events and meetings
    • Facebook: @DOCofNC
  • Homework Reminder: 
    • 1-2 min speech/ presentation on non-profit recommendation.
    • Fill-out t-shirt size google form.
    • BRING A FRIEND! I’m waiting for you all to share emails of friends you want to invite!
  • Thank You Shreya Gundam for the meeting minutes in lieu of the secretary!
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