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August 8th, 2021

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Happy August everyone and good luck with school coming up (you got this)! Thank you to everyone who came to our first meeting of the year. It was lovely seeing you all in person and the ice cream was awesome as well! 


Here’s what we covered in the meeting:


What is DOC NC? 

  • DOC NC, or Dedicated to our community of North Carolina, is a local non-profit that raises funds for a different organization each year. In the past, we have fundraised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, Duke PBMT, and the Suhanee Foundation. You can visit docnc.org to learn more!


We have lots of new members (yayyyyy) and we are ecstatic to have all of them with us this year!


Just to recap, although everyone will definitely do this, every member must do at least 12 hours of service and participate in 1-2 events throughout the year.


This year we are planning to raise money for sustainability! Our goal is to help preserve natural resources, specifically local resources. We are currently working with the Town of Morrisville on their sustainability projects to increase the rate of recycling and reduction of waste within the city. 


Summer Recap:

  • Raised over $2,100!!!!
  • Marketing proposal for ToM project (The leadership team worked to create and present a marketing proposal to the ToM for their sustainability efforts.)
  • Cary 150th Celebration! (Face Painted in the event to raise money for sustainability.) 
  • Sania raised funds (over $200) through an event in her neighborhood where she sold pizza and snacks! Thank you and good job!!!
  • Shout out to Pari for her generous donation! (She will be sponsoring our field trip) – Sarayu K.  
  • DOCNC Summer Camps
    • We would like to give a big shout out and thank you to our wonderful volunteers who taught the summer camps! It was a huge success thanks to them:
      • Anika (Games and Cooking) 
      • Diya (Sustainability) 
      • Hasitha (Games)
      • Lucienne (Sustainability)
      • Rayan (Art) 
      • Rishima (Dance)
      • Vanessa (Dance) 
      • Varen (Coding)
      • Vera (Yoga)
      • Vipul (Science)


Upcoming Events:

  • August 28th/29th – Lazy Days (We are face painting so be on the lookout for a sign up!)\
  • September 11th – Apex Peak Fest  (We are face painting again so be on the lookout for a sign up!) 
    • For both the above events even if you think you “can’t” face paint, trust me, you can. Just come and try it out! It’s super cool, so sign up! 🙂 
  • September 19th – Field Trip to Phillip Farms from 1-6pm to learn about sustainability
    • This event is completely free for DOCNC members so come, learn, enjoy, and eat! 
  • DOC Talks (Starting in September look out for an email on that!) 
    • Monthly discussions about different topics to further our knowledge on them. 
  • DOCNC Talent Show (Date – TBD but October)
    • The acts will surround sustainability and ALL members are encouraged to participate! There will be 5 winners, who will each receive a $100 gift card.


That’s all we did! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

– Pari -’(she/her/hers)



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