For the 2021-2022 school year, DOC NC is focusing on supporting sustainability initiatives and encouraging the community to recycle more.

For the 2021-22 year, DOC NC is pleased to announce our initiative to improve recycling in our community. This project is in partnership with the Town of Morrisville and Town of Apex


Currently, only about 30% of people actively participate in recycling and it is important for us to increase that number and take care of our world by implementing the 3 R’s system. Many people think they are recycling, but accidentally end up contaminating their containers with non-recyclable materials. Through this initiative, we are making sure that the public knows to recycle and not just recycle but how to recycle properly.


We are working with the Town of Morrisville to help our community and its citizens in learning about recycling and increasing it. We are in charge of marketing for this project and have many ideas planned to boost our plan to improve recycling. From summer camps beginning in early August to educate our youth on the importance of sustainability to an up-and-coming app about recycling that is customized to help Morrisville citizens, we have multiple mini-projects going and we are looking forward to helping our community. 


Helping people know how to properly recycle will help make our community greener and help make the world a better place.