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December 6th, 2020

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Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us for the December meeting.

November Recap:

  • Weekend Workshops!!
    • Partnering with Raleigh Charter Key Club and an FTC Robotics Team
  • Fundraising Total: $440.57
  • Senior Show prep has begun!!
  • Weekend Workshops
    • Sarayu explained the logistics of the Workshops and what they taught her throughout her time leading them.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Weekend Workshops
    • DOC Talks
    • Annual Senior Show
    • Be Your Own Leader Month
  • 10th Anniversary of the DOC NC Annual Christmas Show
    • Calling all singers, dancers, musicians, artists, or playwrights!!
    • If anyone would like to perform for this year’s annual senior show please do so with a video and forward it to docnc@seniorshow.org
  • Be Your Own Leader Month
    • It’s now time for everyone to go out and start fundraising on their own!!
    • Members at least $50, Leadership Team at least $100
    • Most creative and most money raised win a prize!
    • Let’s beat our goal guys!!
  • Marketing Update
    • Marketing is still focused on advertising the weekend workshops
  • Communications Update
    • The communications team is focused on raising awareness for DOC Talks and the Weekend Workshops
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