Due to the coronavirus outbreak, supplies were running out fast yet many people had to remain at work. Unfortunately, thousands of store employees and service providers were left without masks to protect themselves. As an act of gratitude for the community members, DOC NC volunteers worked hard to make masks to help store workers, health care workers, and other people that were risking their health.


DOC NC has donated 2400+ handmade masks and 42 gowns to workers at the post office, Realo pharmacy, Walmart, Postal Service, Food Lion, Bellarose, Duke Cancer Center, Town of Cary, UNC, and NC State International Students. We are currently making hundreds more for other organizations.

DOC NC volunteers created ‘Thank You’ cards for healthcare providers who are working directly with patients affected by COVID-19. We wanted to express our gratitude and applaud our doctors and nurses for working endlessly.

The shutdown on communities due to the COVID-19 outbreak has left thousands of families facing supply shortages, especially of food. DOC NC has pledged to make an impact for these struggling families by donating food items and money to food pantries. We were successful in raising a total of $1250 in funds and numerous supplies for Dorcas Ministries, a local food pantry. Each dollar went a long way in providing a meal for a person in need.

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We would like to thank everyone who has joined in our cause to fulfill families’ basic needs amid the crisis and protect those who are vulnerable.

Thank you!