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February 5, 2023

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Happy February! Here are the meeting minutes. Hope everyone is doing well <3


What is DOC NC? 

  • DOC NC, or Dedicated to our community of North Carolina, is a local non-profit that raises funds for a different organization each year. In the past, we have fundraised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, Duke PBMT, and the Suhanee Foundation. You can visit docnc.org to learn more! 

January Recap:

  • HSNC Senior Luncheon (1/14/2023)
    • We had over 90 seniors attend! Lots of amazing performances. Special thanks to all the parents and volunteers who came out to make the event possible. Received many generous donations as well, thank you to our seniors!
  • NCIAP Gala 
    • Health professionals of RTP come together to support NCIAP People’s Medical Care, a nonprofit which provides medical services to the uninsured. Our volunteers helped take care of the kids of parents who were attending the event. The arts and crafts table was a great success!  
    • Raised $500 that will go towards the Jordan Lake Litter Sweep
  • Legacy Project Update: 
    • Held first interview on January 16th and spoke with Dr. Bal and Dr. Brij Agarwal 
    • Taught by Pranab Majumder who is a member of the HSNC Seniors Association, we held a video editing class to learn how to edit the interview videos together. 
    • Creating and preserving the legacy of senior citizens through a collection of short story video interviews. 
    • Contact arshjha@docnc.org or shaurya@docnc.org if you’re interested in learning more. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Jordan Lake Litter Sweep 
    • Will come out and volunteer (litter pickup) and the other team will be canoeing. Will have the opportunity to learn about Jordan Lake and parks and recreation. 
  • Little Library Installation 
    • We installed three Little Libraries and are planning on installing six more. 
    • We are currently working on building the frame of the Little Library and there will be a workshop where we will decorate the libraries around the end of February.
    • Be on the lookout for a signup genius! 
  • Duke Mentorship Program
    • For high school students. Duke Nicholas School of Environment is mentoring students on how to teach K-5 students about sustainability such as recycling. 
    • First meeting with them was after the Senior Luncheon. 
  • Indian Creek Playground Litter Sweep 
    • March 18th in the morning
    • Will clean up the Indian Creek Playground 
    • Signup genius will be sent out soon! There is an additional form as well that new members have to fill out to participate. 
  • Cedar Fork Program
    • Shaurya and Anvita will be leading a group that will teach students (K-5) about astronomy on February 13th. Will continue to teach kids about fun topics. If anyone is interested email anviita@gmail.com 
  • Apex Earth Fest 
    • On April 22nd we will be having a Health Food and Climate change booth, we need 8 volunteers and 2 adults to help out
    • The Healthy food booth will teach how to incorporate healthy habits into your day to day lives with charts and different foods to try. 
    • The climate change booth will have fun activities for little kids to teach them about environmental issues such as your carbon footprint. 
  • Apex Peakfest and Spring Daze
    • Face Painting and Henna at the booth!
    • Meeting with all the volunteers about cleanliness and hygiene as painting faces and skin. 
    • Signup genius coming out soon! 
  • Elections and Picnic (will be on June 11th!) 
    • Maximum age is rising Junior in High School to run for office since you must serve two years to run.  
    • Will give a speech for all positions. 
    • Decision will be made on the same day. 


As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out at pari@docnc.org! Also you can find DOCNC on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DOCofNC/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/doc_nc/). Be sure to check out our awesome website as well: https://docnc.org/

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