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February 6th, 2022

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I hope you are all doing AMAZING!


New members?

Ishaan, Simi, Grace, Prabhav, and Drishti have joined DOC NC! How exciting!


January Recap:

DOC Talks – DOC talks have been geared on sustainability and in January DOC talks were targeted around sustainability and accessibility relating to tax brackets amongst other items. Be on the lookout for the next DOC Talk 🙂


Upcoming Events:

Litter Sweeps/Cleaning the Creek – Every quarter DOC NC members clean up the Indian Creek Playground while learning about sustainability and why littering is such a prevalent issue. Our next litter sweep is on March 13th.


ToM Library Collaboration – Kids K-12 would come into the Morrisville Community Library afterschool to learn a lesson about sustainability. To learn more about the sessions please contact leadership@docnc.org

Earthfest – DOC NC will be collaborating with the Town of Apex in three booths: pledge wall, creative corner, and educational sessions.

  • Pledge wall will contain a bunch of wishes made by paper and pinned into a cork wall.

  • Creative corner will transform old items into new items to be used again. Plastic bottles and t-shirts needed for this station. Contact arya@docnc.org if you have any.

  • Educational Sessions will feature short educational lessons on sustainability integrated with dun games. Contact pari@docnc.org for any questions or concerns.


Valentine’s Day Fundraiser – Valentine’s Day Fundraiser is open for business right now! Many of the items have already sold out, so get your items today! The link to order is https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgye_JfFtM0D-vMVocCt_4yhM6e3OwcP4ZYLpr3NUciKo2dA/viewform?usp=sf_link. Contact sania@docnc.org for details!


Antar Jyoti – DOC NC members hold one hour sessions to talk to blind girls in India and educate them in the areas of English and chess.


ToM Meeting – 4 members of the DOC NC leadership team will explain to Town Of Morrisville what the events DOC NC has held taught them about sustainability and expound upon future events as well.


BYOL Month – Projected to take place for the next few months and members in DOC NC are able to fundraise in their own creative ways.

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