The DOC NC Social Impact Program is an annual event that encourages team members to put on their thinking caps and brainstorm innovative projects to tackle during the summer months. Participants are required to dedicate a minimum of 40 hours towards their chosen initiative with the aim of making a meaningful and positive impact on someone’s life. The overarching objective of the program is to motivate and inspire individuals to become active and engaged members of their communities, thereby contributing towards a brighter future for all.


Shaurya Sharma spent his summer at the Antar Jyoti Blind School in India. In his words, “[he] was filled with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. As a visitor, [he was] embarking on a five-day journey to explore the extraordinary learning environment designed for visually impaired girls.” Read about his experience + watch an overview of his time spent ++ some pics!

Arnab Barua spent his summer helping underprivileged children in Assam, India. In his blog he writes about his inspiring experience working with the children whose passion & sincerity allowed him to be able to aid and allocate for them. He has created a two minute video that provides an overview of his experience & time. Click the link that provides visuals & deeper insight on his time there.

Alisha Naik spent her summer leading a leadership, public speaking, and entrepreneurship course with Big Brother Big Sister – the nation’s largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network – for the underprivileged kids within their program. Her blog entails her experience leading sessions & the impact they made on other children and herself. She has created a two minute video that provides an overview of her experience & time spent. Click the link that provides visuals & deeper insight on her time there.

Smera Aditya, Pragya Bansal & Trisha Jha (rising 6th graders) have joined hands to create awareness about drug abuse and its consequences in our community. The Lifesavers undertook a drug awareness campaign for their summer project and have worked incredibly hard to make it to a strong finish. They have been working on this project from the beginning of June 2023 and their videos with exclusive interviews were well appreciated by viewers. They hope this project goes far and other youths get motivated and you can read more about it in their blog!

Ishitha & Hansitha Teluguntla spent their summer taking upon their Happiness Project inclusive of 120 participants of all ages and implementing it at the HSNC Seniors Group. Their blog goes deeper into their experience as well as their video that provides another form of perspective on their inspiring project. They also have a brief presentation that provides an overview of their project. Click the link that provides some visuals on their time spent.

Diya Patel spent her summer by founding The Helping Hand Summer Math Tutoring program. She taught math to children from K-12 from DOC NC & our local community. Her blog & video go deeper into her experience + some pics of her teaching moments!

Anika & Amber Arora spent their summer working with Arvind who is an exchange student from India as well as someone with special needs. You can read about their experience with Arvind and making him feel more comfortable in a foreign land in their blog + some pics!!