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January 11th, 2020

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Good morning everyone, sorry for the delay. We had a meeting on Saturday, here is what we discussed:

December Recap:

  • BYOL: $940
  • Armaan Donation this Month: $300
  • Our Total: $8,215

Volunteer of the Month:

  • Lucienne: raised money by painting calculators!
  • Armaan: dogsat and donated profits!

Counting Hours

  • At least two events required
  • 15 hours for the entire year
  • Hours given and maintained by Shahanaz

Upcoming Events:

  • February: NCIAP Gala, Charity Musical Show
  • March: TBD
  • April: Car Wash Event?
  • May: TBD

Guest Speaker: Aditi Verma

  • Wisdom coach for kids
  • Main Idea: Fill yourself with supporting beliefs

BYOL Season

  • It’s now time for everyone to go out and start fundraising on their own!
  • Members at least $50, Leadership Team at least $100
  • Winner Wins Surprise!

Charity Musical Show

  • Location: Belacasa community center
  • Tentative Schedule:
    • 11:00 – 12:00 lunch+meet
    • 12:00 – 1:00 performances
    • 1:00+ desert, song game
    • Give roses at exit


  • Feb 1st
  • Volunteers must be 13+
  • Lead: Sarayu and Navya

Sonia will be making a video about DOC NC for a project. For this, she will conduct interviews with members and parents and videotape at events.the end product will be a promo video of DOC NC that we can share.

For the 10th anniversary of DOC NC, we are planning on adopting the Indian Creek Park. We will have to pick up litter and remulch the playground.

Thank you all for attending!

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