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January 8th, 2023

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Meeting Minutes for January 8th, 2023 w/ the Team


Happy New Year! 2023 is going to be a spectacular year for DOCNC. Although our meeting was online this month, it was great “seeing” everyone.  If you’re taking finals soon, good luck! You will do amazing. Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting and to all those who weren’t able to attend, we missed you! 


What is DOC NC? 

  • DOC NC, or Dedicated to our community of North Carolina, is a local non-profit that raises funds for a different organization each year. In the past, we have fundraised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, Duke PBMT, and the Suhanee Foundation. You can visit docnc.org to learn more! 

December Recap:

  • Hand Sanitizer Drive for Police and Fire Department!
    • Donated over 150 bottles to show our support
  • Antar Jyoti Chess Classes
    • Amber and Anika taught girls from a school in India for blind girls how to play chess online. 
  • DOCNC Newsletter: 
    • Shourya has been working on our newsletters which are published every few months. If anyone would like to help out feel free to reach out.

Upcoming Events:

  • HSNC Senior Luncheon (1/14/2023): 11:00am – 2:00pm
  • The Carrying Place (1/14/2023)
    • Looking to donate blankets 
    • Support these families 
    • DOCNC is sponsoring 20 kids with essential needs 
    • Collect items at the senior luncheon 
    • Sign up genius:


  • Town of Morrisville Little Library Project
    • Building little libraries for the Town of Morrisville. 
  • Legacy Project
    • Creating and preserving the legacy of senior citizens through a collection of short story video interviews. 
    • Contact arshjha@docnc.org or shaurya@docnc.org if you’re interested in learning more. 


As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out at pari@docnc.org! Also you can find DOCNC on facebook (

) and instagram (https://www.instagram.com/doc_nc/). Be sure to check out our awesome website as well: https://docnc.org/


– Pari (she/her/hers) 🙂

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