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January 9th, 2022

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Happy New Year! 2022 is going to be a spectacular year for DOCNC. Although our meeting was online this month, it was great “seeing” everyone.  If you’re taking finals this week, good luck! You will do amazing. Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting and to all those who weren’t able to attend, we missed you!


What is DOC NC?

  • DOC NC, or Dedicated to our community of North Carolina, is a local non-profit that raises funds for a different organization each year. In the past, we have fundraised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, Duke PBMT, and the Suhanee Foundation. You can visit docnc.org to learn more!

December Recap:

  • DOC NC Holiday Party (December 17th)

    • “Was really fun!” – DOCNC member #36

    • We got to talk to Town of Morrisville and Town of Apex members and we also enjoyed cake and a ton of great performances from our team. Thank you to all those who came out and enjoyed the food and fun. If you missed it, don’t worry we do this every year.

  • Educational Garden (December 4th)

    • DOC NC members met at the ToM Garden on Town Hall Drive to help clean up and learn more about the sustainable ways to grow a garden. Event was led by Alexay and Ekansh.

  • Radio Nyra Interview (December 28th)

Upcoming Events:

  • Collaboration w/ Town of Apex

    • Town of Apex would like DOCNC to collaborate with them in various events such as the Earth Festival on April 23rd.

    • Activities we’ve decided on for 4/23/2022 and leads: Creative Corner (Arya & Vera), Weaving Wall (Kavya & Anvita), and Presentation (Arsh & Pari)

  • Sustainability class @ Cedar Fork

    • Every month a group of DOC NC members go to the Cedar Fork Community Center to teach the kids in the after-school program about different sustainability related topics such as the 3 R’s of sustainability and water pollution. This month, a team led by Anvita will be going to Cedar Fork on January 19th. If you are interested in helping teach kids about sustainability, feel free to reach out to Arsh (pathan.archie@gmail.com).

  • Litter Sweep

    • In March, we are hoping to go back to Indian Creek Playground and help clean up. A sign-up sheet will be sent out later.

  • ToM Library Collaboration

    • Had a meeting with the library manager and we are hoping to hold some events there. Be on the lookout for more information.

  • Fundraising Ideas w/ Town of Apex

    • Walmart grant

      • We are looking to apply for a grant from Walmart. We are also hoping to help BBBST with a grant application. More information about the grant should be coming soon.

    • “Be your own leader” month is a DOCNC tradition where members get the opportunity to raise funds for current projects. Usually members will set a fundraising goal and lead an event to reach that goal. If you are interested in leading an event and would like some help/advice from the leadership team feel free to reach out to Sarayu (sarayu@docnc.org) and Somya (somya@docnc.org).

    • Examples of volunteering events:

      • Yard sale

      • Virtual 5k

      • Tutoring classes

      • Jewelry making

      • Art sale

Team building was led by Sania. She had a wonderful sustainability kahoot that we played and in case you missed it, here was everyone’s favorite question:

The answer is rhombus!


As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out at pari@docnc.org! Also you can find DOCNC on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DOCofNC/) and instagram (https://www.instagram.com/doc_nc/). Be sure to check out our awesome website as well: https://docnc.org/.


– Pari (she/her/hers) 🙂

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