The Jordan Lake litter sweep and canoeing trip happened on Sunday morning of June 5th at the Ebenezer Church Recreation Area. Anika Dwivedi and Rishima Mathur led the litter sweep which included a shoreline cleanup of plastics, rubber, and beverage containers followed by a canoe tour of Jordan Lake. These activities enriched the members of DOCNC with knowledge of the local water preservation techniques used and how the wildlife plays a massive role in their ecosystems.

This event has strengthened the teamwork and sustainability aspect of the DOCNC organization because of the team-building exercises performed including canoeing and cleaning up trash as a team. This encouraged them to use each other’s strengths to further develop themselves as leaders and helpers around their community. DOCNC members completed fun activities after the litter sweep including volleyball, swimming in the lake, playing on the playground, and spending time with nature.

Litter sweeps are one of DOCNC’s most favorite and impactful events and we hope to see you at the next one on June 4th, 2023!