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March 7th, 2021

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Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who attended the DOC NC meeting today. We covered a lot of information, so please read through this email thoroughly!

  • February Recap:

    • We had a DOC Talk about the American healthcare system

    • ToM Sustainability Project Recap: Submitted a proposal grant with the ToM to fund a recycling project to increase recycling rates in Morrisville.

    • Doorway to Hope Essential Items Basket Donations: Created 5 baskets along with extra items to donate to ADTH and donated $1000 to the organization.

    • Antar Jyoti Blind School for Girls: Watsapp calls every week with the Antar Jyoti girls to get to know them and how they navigate daily life. Contact Somya Kochar (somya@docnc.org) to join.

    • Pen Pal Project: Diya and Simrika have been reaching out to nursing homes across the country to connect DOC NC members with a COVID survivor. Email diyamool638@gmail.com or joshisimrika02@gmail.com to join.

    • Litter Sweep and Playground Cleaning Event: On Saturday, members picked up litter, washed playground equipment, and the mayor even came to help! We are planning to have these events once every 3 months!

    • We have now raised $1988.90 (We are $12 from our goal!)

  • Upcoming Events:

    • March:

      • March 13th at noon: DOC NC leadership Team Panel

        • Leadership team will be talking about their responsibilities and encouraging other members to run for leadership. Come prepared with questions to ask our leadership team members about what they do!

      • March 21st: Leadership Nominations Due

        • Remember to look at the constitution linked on the website and make sure that nominees meet all the requirements. You can nominate yourself by emailing Sonia at sonia@docnc.org.

    • April:

      • April 4th: DOC NC elections (Have a speech prepared if you are running! Due: April 4th)

        • Applications if you wish to join Communication or Marketing Teams

        • Elected Positions: You can self-nominate

      • April 10th: Field trip

        • We will be visiting PenLand farm in Chapel Hill to learn about sustainable agriculture and livestock. There will be pizza for lunch! This is free for all DOC NC members.

    • May:

      • DOC NC Senior College Panel

  • Elections

    • Open Positions:

      • Elections: Candidates give a 2 min speech and we will vote by ballot.

        • President (2)

        • Vice President (2)

        • Secretary (1)

        • Treasurer (1)

        • Communications Coordinator (1)

        • Marketing Coordinator (1)

    • Applications:

    • Constitution Update:

      • “If there is only one position open, officers will be chosen by a simple majority.

      • In cases where there are 2 available seats, both candidates must receive at least 35% of the vote to be elected. If nobody reaches this threshold, the bottom 50% worst ranked candidates shall be eliminated and another vote shall be held. If the second candidate does not reach the 35% threshold, only one person shall occupy the position.”

  • Humsub virtual talent show (date: tbd)

    • Information will be sent out soon

    • Anything combining Western or Indian cultures singing, dancing and more

  • Presentation:

    • How to recycle by Lucienne

And as always…

  • Follow our socials!

    • Instagram: @doc_nc

    • Facebook: @DOCofNC

    • Website: docnc.org

    • Remind: text @docofnc to 81010

  • If you are not getting DOC NC emails, please check your spam!!

  • Don’t forget the suggestion box still exists!

A huge thanks to Shishira and Shreya for putting these notes together!

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