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May 3rd, 2020

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Good morning everyone! Huge thank you to everyone who attended our last formal meeting of the year yesterday!

This is what we covered in our meeting:

We have one new member:

  • Srinithi: current junior who is excited to get involved!

April Recap

  • Mask making
    • Donated to lots of places including the post office, walmart, food lion, etc.
  • Positivity Project
    • Social media project to remind people about the good in the world.
    • Armaan made a video of DOC NC in Quarantine that’s on the website, so check it out!
  • Seminar Sessions
    • Varun organized thirty minute classes for two weeks so people could learn about new ideas!
    • Topics Included: Aviation, Web Design, How to Present, etc.
    • Recordings of these sessions are on the website
    • We hope to have more to come!
  • Senior Pen Pals
    • Sonia organized a way to connect seniors and DOC NC members from home. Participators email back and forth to get to know each other. It’s fun!
    • Members talked about lots of things with their pen pals including life in pre-independence India, book recommendations,  
    • We have a lot more seniors interested, so please email Sonia if you’re interested

Upcoming Events

  • Annika and Amber’s Chess Tutorials
    • Starting Monday May 4th, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4-4:30 pm (For 3 weeks)
    • This is for beginners. Sonia will send out a link as soon as it is availible.
  • College Admissions Panel.
    • Graduating seniors will present on their college admissions experiences and parents and students will be able to ask questions.
  • We’re going to have the biggest DOC NC party this summer!

Sustainable Living – Venkat Pedhibhota

  • Sustainability – the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level
  • Shared a personal story about water consumption and India’s water crisis
  • Focus Areas:
    • Sustainable green spaces
    • Sustainable catering
    • Sustainable commuting
    • Energy leadership
    • Moving away from single use plastic
    • LEED-certified offices
  • Homework: come up with your take on your impact towards environmental sustainability and your role in it, think about what area of sustainability is important/interesting to you

Constitutional Amendment: No person shall serve as president for more than one term, filled out a google form to vote. If you were not at the meeting, you can vote here: https://forms.gle/kqV3rqbWZkxiprVW8

Shadowing Application:

  • Members interested in shadowing a current leadership team member in the 2020-2021 school year can fill out this form by Saturday, May 9th: https://forms.gle/gBoPyMzqrpr1d7MS7
  • Time commitment is about 1hr-2hrs a week

Website Updates

  • Check out docnc.org!
  • New slides to show our mask making and deliveries
  • New embedded Instagram
  • Videos for fundraising and projects
  • Events page has been updated to reflect work done during covid-19
  • Donate button where anyone can donate

Dr. Wani Memorial: Video available on website. Rest in peace.

Even though this is technically the last required meeting we should all be sure to stay connected through informal sessions. Anyone who wants to take

DOC NC By the Numbers

  • $12000 dollars raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • 2313 masks for those affected by COVID-19
  • $1250 for Dorcas Ministries
  • 2044 words on our constitution
  • 350 hours of volunteering together 🙂
  • 184 articles of clothing to Note In the Pocket
  • 72 active members
  • 59 new emails on the email list this year
  • 22 HSNC Seniors donated to DOC NC
  • 17 surgical gowns to frontline doctors fighting through Covid 19
  • 16 DOC NC Members at NCIAP gala
  • 14 performers at the senior show, one of our biggest successes!
  • 10 meeting this year
  • 6 members that were their own leaders
  • 5 Guest Speaker
  • 2 online meetings
  • 0 donuts sold 🙁 – it’s ok we have had many other successes!

Speaker: Priyav Chandna

  • Topic: Entrepreneurship and Chess Business
  • Sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Business Major
  • Runs an online chess academy : www.mychesstutor.com
    • 120 weekly students across the US
    • 15 coaches
    • Zoom virtual chess board
    • Top ranked scholastic state and national chess players (Many people start young)
  • At first he had cheaper lessons but after gaining credibility and interest they added more coaches and were able to charge more
  • They are also releasing a self paced online chess course in July
  • Lessons Learned:
    • You are one connection away from changing the course of your life
    • You can never know what the future holds for you
    • Business and entrepreneurship is about creating value
      • If you know how to solve problems for others, you won’t have to worry about money
    • Entrepreneurship (and anything that has to do with creating value) requires peak performance
    • Knowledge = Power
      • Learn from those who know more than you
  • Most important things to take away: Take Action! And Growth will happen over time!
  • Here is a link to his presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zjpQzSqFFGlvFdk10PDhretwiYnNC33FK6ZF5RAelqM/edit?usp=sharing
  • For questions email: priyav@mychesstutor.com
  • Priyav is offering a special deal for DOC NC members wanting to learn chess! Email him if interested!

Thank you to Shishira for compiling these minutes for us!

Another thanks to all of DOC NC. You all have taught Srian and I a lot this year and we are so proud of everything we have accomplished. We’re looking forward to leading you next year!

Sonia Birla

Co-President of DOC NC

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