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November 4th, 2019

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Hello! Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting yesterday! Here’s what we covered: 

  • October Recap: 
    • Raised $1860 at Cary Diwali
    • Anita Birla raised $405 
    • We are at $7,093! Over halfway to our goal!
  • Cary Diwali Recap
    • Members who attended the event discussed their experiences.
    • Future Suggestions for Cary Diwali:
      • Table rearrangement
      • A corner booth with more space
      • More evening volunteering slots than the morning
      • Assembly line for glow sticks
  • Volunteers of the month: Navya, Aksara, Aayush, Shishira, Sanjana, Alana, Shahanaz, and Shreya!
    • Contact Sonia with your emails to receive your certificates!
  • Dr. Prem Sharma spoke about his experience growing up
    • When he was younger he grew up in Burma and Punjab
    • He was a freedom fighter and was able to meet Gandhi!
    • He is also an author.
  • Counting Hours
  • Upcoming Events
    • November: Be your own leader month
      • Fundraise on your own
      • Recommended contribution: Members should get at least 50 dollars and the leadership team members should get at least 100 dollars
      • People with the most creativity and most money raised will receive prizes
    • December:
      • Meeting with a guest speaker
      • Annual Christmas show (tentatively on December 16th)
  • WE project members went over their experiences
    • Blog post due November 10th for participants!
  • Note in the Pocket
    • Potential dates to drop coats were discussed
    • There is a max of 15 volunteers for Note in the Pocket events
    • We collected over 120 coats!!
  • The next meeting is on December 1st! Come with the money you have raised!
  • Huge thank you to Shishira fro compiling these notes!


Sonia Birla

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