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October 4th, 2020

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Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone that attended the DOC NC meeting yesterday. We had a great time!


If you could not make it, here’s what you missed:

New Members:

  • Nobody right now, but members should always try to get friends to join!

September Recap:

  • DOC Talks: Mask Use and Individuality in America, lead by Sonia

Upcoming Events

  • Weekend Workshops: October and November

    • Two workshops per weekend lead by members

    • Required one dollar donation

    • One older audience workshop and one younger audience workshop per weekend

  • October 31st: Halloween Special Event

    • Kids dress up and come to the google meet

    • Activities like Halloween trivia, showing off costumes, virtual haunted house, and scary stories

    • 2 dollar minimum donation

    • Led by Sarayu and Mackenzie

  • If you are a workshop leader:

    • Send your slides or lesson plans to Sonia at least a week before your class

    • Also send materials needed (keep it simple!)

    • Take control during class and try to make it interactive, planning is key to reduce boredom for attendees

    • Explain what DOC NC is prior to the start of the class and explain what we are raising money for

    • Send a thank-you email after the class

    • Looking for ideas? Contact Sonia!


  • December: Virtual Senior Show

    • Members will record themselves and we will have a moderator screen sharing all of our videos

    • 10th-anniversary specials with prior donors explain how we have helped them


Marketing Team Updates:

  • We now have a 2020 DOC NC flyer

  • Adding weekend workshops to the website


Communications Team:

  • also worked on flyer content

Team Building Activity lead my Somya

  • Guess that Logo

Guest Speaker: NC Green Power, Katie Lebrato (Marketing Communication Director)

  • Spoke about reducing carbon footprint, renewable energy, and where our donations will go

  • Each 4 dollars will go towards teaching 60 students


Next Meeting: November 1st!

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