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October 6th, 2019

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Good morning everyone! Thank you to everyone sho attended the last meeting. This email has a LOT of important information which could change how you participate in DOC NC. Please read through to the end!

  • September Recap:
    • We raised $500 in August.
    • Walmart Event: $1077
    • But we had lots of sponsors!
  • Sponsors:
  • Sam IT: $501
  • Walmart: $2500
  • Dr. Prajapati donated $350 for Cary Diwali glow sticks
  • Total: $4328
  • Members can try to get sponsors by showing the flyer and explaining what DOC NC is to different companies. These are some of the most helpful ways to raise money!
  • Upcoming Events
    • October
      • Cary Diwali: Oct 12th
        • We will be selling raffle tickets, henna, face painting, and selling glowsticks when it gets dark.
    • November
      • Next meeting on November 3rd
        • We will have a guest speaker at the meeting, Dr. Prem Sharma.
      • Playground Opening *hopefully!*
      • Event to be decided.
      • 100 Coat Drive for Note in the Pocket coats should be given at the November meeting.
        • Each member should donate a minimum of 2 coats
        • They can be gently used (any size) or new
        • If they are new here are the preferred sizes:
          • Mens: Small, XL, XXL
          • Womens: XL, XXL
          • Boys: 5, 5/6
          • Girls: 8-10, 12, 16
  • December
    • Guest Speaker at meeting
    • Annual Christmas Show
  • Marketing Team
    • We need more people to help with the website.
    • Experience with HTML may be helpful, but not at all required. 
    • Must be willing to commit, meet deadlines, and use email/ messages.
    • If interested contact Shreya or Sonia
  • T-Shirts:
    • Tshirts have already been ordered
    • If you want one you can give $10 or any donation
    • Required at the Cary Diwali event!
  • Shahanaz presented on problems in the local, regional, and global community
  • Next Month’s Trivia: Kavya and Shavi
  • Guest speakers at future meetings:
    • Prem Sharma
      • Walked with Gandhi 
      • Has served on boards like the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Red Cross
      • Worked to raise $104,000 for the September 11th fund
      • Wrote 3 books about racial understanding and spirituality
    • Dr. Prajapati
      • Clinical Director of TLC Laser Eye Centers
      • Affiliated with the American Optometric Associations, the NC Optometric Society, and the Morrisville CHapter of Commerce
    • Members should try to think of thoughtful questions for the speakers
  • Suggestions
    • We should have other events that involve more than just henna and face painting.
      • The leadership team invites you all to come up with ideas for other events we can do. We are brainstorming ourselves, so at the next meeting, let’s talk about it!
    • DOC NC should count hours to ensure participation occurs.
      • We have decided to require all volunteers to complete 12 hours of work over the year. This time will include at least 2 events. Things like helping on the website and making posters will be counted in these hours. This is to ensure more people participate in DOC NC and take out as much as they put in. 
  • Members are welcome to add to the suggestion box!

Thank you all for your participation and time! We are really working on making DOCNC a huge success this year!

A special thank you to Shishira for compiling these notes for everyone!

Sonia Birla

co-president of DOC NC

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