A new fun, and interactive way to learn came to DOC NC in the form of seminar sessions in April 2020. Because most students did not have school, many senior DOC NC members supplemented their learning by giving short sessions to teach younger members.

DOC NC Seminar Sessions
A 2 week series in which DOC NC members take the initiative to get together to have some fun and share some knowledge through virtual sessions in the wake of Covid-19 school closings.
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Seminar Sessions Day 1 - How to Present an Idea - Varun Kochar
Published at 2020, May 02
Former Co President Varun Kochar shares some pointers on how to improve presentation skills and conn
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Starting Monday, April 20th, 2020 DOC NC had daily 30 minute sessions during which an experienced member spoke on a topic or skill they have mastered in order to teach other group members. These sessions took place daily from 4:00pm-4:30pm according to the following schedule.


Monday, April 20th
Varun KocharHow to Present an Idea
Tuesday, April 21st

Anish GandhamanaeniAviation
Wednesday, April 22nd
Aneesh PurohitThe Importance of Intellectual Hobbies
Thursday, April 23rd
Akash RayWeb Design and Social Media Use
Friday, April 24th
Naman PujaniConfidence and Development
Monday, April 27th
Ronit JoshiGame Development
Tuesday, April 28th
Armaan PunjAchieving Life Satisfaction through Maslow’s Hierarchy
Wednesday, April 29thAlana GoldmanFast Fashion
Thursday, April 30thKrish PatlikadDr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, A Visionary who Fought for Social Justice

This was spearheaded by Varun Kochar, former president of DOC NC.