Co-President: Sarayu Khajjayam

Contact: sarayu@docnc.org

Sarayu Khajjayam is a junior at Panther Creek High School and has been a part of the DOCNC for the past five years. Through the years she has been at DOCNC, she has taken away a lot from the past leadership team as well as her peers and hopes to instill all she has learned and more for the next couple of years. She has enjoyed being a part of DOCNC all these years, playing a key role in contributing to her community as well as those around her. As a member of DOCNC, in the past, she has taken the initiative of RaceNC, a virtual 5K race held to raise money for the BLM movement in support of education on voting as well as addressing issues from criminal justice reform and education. She has raised over $400 through RaceNC all of which funds went out to North Carolina Black Alliance (NCBA) and the Clearance E. Lightner YMCA Achievers amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Outside of school Sarayu is an avid runner for her school’s Varsity Cross Country and Track team and is also involved in various tutoring programs instilling areas of education including English and Math. On the weekends she participates at Sanskar Academy at HSNC as part of the yearbook committee in the past and hopes to be a YuvaSevak in the future.

Co-President: Somya Kochar

Contact: somya@docnc.org

Somya has been a member of DOCNC for 7 years and is a sophomore at GreenLevel High School. Her passion for volunteering and giving back to the community that she lives in is the reason she joined this group. She is a detail-oriented leader and brings time management and organization skills to the team. Over the years, Somya has led many initiatives including the ToM Litter Sweep events where DOCNC members helped clean up litter from the playground and washed the equipment. She also led the Antar Jyoti Initiative. Antar Jyoti is a blind girls school and Somya and her team met in a small group over Whatsapp calls and got to learn and talk to the girls about their daily lives. She has also actively participated in DOCNC’s Be Your Own Leader month where she raised over $500. Other than volunteering, her passions are dancing and singing. She was in her Chorus classes leadership team where she aided her teacher and created musical-related activities. Somya is also a part of FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America), in her school, where Somya and her team represented their school at Nationals. Somya wants to bring all of the skills she has learned and put them to use in DOCNC to help and inspire those around her. She is so excited to see what we accomplish going forward!

Co-Vice President: Diya Mool

Contact: diya@docnc.org

Diya Mool is a junior at Panther Creek High School. She has been a DOC NC member for the past three years. During her time as a DOC NC member, Diya has gained a significant amount of knowledge about how to help the community around her from the past leadership team and being a communicational shadow within the organization. With all of the knowledge she gained, Diya yearns to inspire DOC NC members to become leaders in their community whilst aspiring to make the community better each and every day. Part of her motivation for this goal was obtained when Diya led an initiative known as the Pen Pal Project, where she comforted seniors during the pandemic and continues to do so today. Aside from DOC NC and school, Diya is a volunteer with NCNC and aids to promote cultural awareness of the Nepali population in her community. Alongside that, she furthers the educational development of the future generation by tutoring kids in the critical areas of writing, science, and math. Diya hopes to become a medical professional in the future!

Co-Vice President: Vanessa Lawrence

Contact: vanessa@docnc.org

Vanessa is the co-vice president of DOCNC. She has been an active and enthusiastic member of the organization since 2016. She has excellent leadership and communications skills, and carries a friendly attitude. She is currently a student at Green Level High School, and some of her interests include dancing, swimming, and spending time with her family and friends. Her goal as VP of DOCNC is to further the cause of the organization by making a difference in the community, and inspiring others to do the same.

Secretary: Pari Sidana

Contact: pari@docnc.org

Pari is a student at Raleigh Charter High School. She has a strong voice and she is passionate about enacting change through vocalizing her thoughts. As Class President and her school’s Key Club Treasurer, she is representing her peers. She hopes to continue speaking up about pressing issues within her school and the community. She is also an active member in her school’s Model UN and Mock Trial club. She is also a writing teacher at Triangle Writers Studio, where the money raised from classes goes to different beneficiaries. Last year for DOCNC, she started a program called DanceNC. A program where students of all ages registered to learn dance classes in styles ranging from kuchipudi to hip hop. All donations from those classes went towards helping the BIPOC community. As secretary of DOCNC, she can’t wait to continue making a difference. In her free time, you can catch her reading a book or playing with her adorable dog, Luna.

Treasurer: Anvita Anaja

Contact: anvita@docnc.org

Anvita Anaja is a freshman at Panther Creek (class of ‘25!). She loves dance, painting, and baking. She is currently treasurer and is looking forward to seeing what she and DOC NC can achieve in the community.

Marketing Coordinator: Arya Kamath

Contact: arya@docnc.org

Arya is a sophomore at Research Triangle High School and the marketing coordinator of DOC NC. She joined the team in sixth grade because she was passionate about making a difference in her community and has been a dedicated member since! DOC NC inspires her to improve her people skills, take charge and lead, and be more confident every day. Outside of school, she loves to sing, write, and listen/write music.

Communications Coordinator: Ishaan Tripathi

Contact: ishaan@docnc.org

Ishaan is currently a Sophomore at Apex Friendship High School. After joining DOCNC in 2016, he learned various beneficial skills about leadership, confidence, and most importantly, giving back to our community. He was a teacher during the Cyber Seniors Project. Some of his hobbies include playing videogames, drawing, and swimming. Ishaan is the current Communications Lead for DOCNC. DOCNC has helped Ishaan grow as a person and volunteer.

Special Projects Committee: DOC NC Program Lead

Varenyam Malhotra

Contact: varenyam@docnc.org

Varenyam Malhotra is a rising sophomore attending Enloe High School and is the Program Lead at DOCNC. He joined DOCNC in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to contribute to the community. DOC NC provided Varenyam an ideal platform to help seniors become tech-savvy and participate in a Pen Pal project at this critical time. DOC NC has helped Varenyam further hone his leadership skills by leading several initiatives that he truly believes in, such as the Town of Morrisville Recycling Project. Varenyam enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing tennis, soccer, and representing Enloe in various competitions like Debate and Model UN to name a few. Varenyam looks forward to continuing his work with DOCNC and making a difference in the community.

Special Projects Committee: Chief Projects Specialist

Sania Bhatia

Contact: sania@docnc.org

Sania is currently a sophomore at Raleigh Charter High School. Some of her hobbies include drawing and baking. Being in DOC NC since it’s started, she’s gained numerous organization and leadership skills. It has also helped with learning more public speaking and communication skills. She is passionate about giving back to the community any way she can. Seeing DOC NC grow from just a few people to almost a hundred, she hopes that it only continues to grow further and to be well-known in the community.

Special Projects Committee: Specialist Director

Anika Dwivedi

Contact: anika@docnc.org

Anika is the specialist director of DOCNC. She is a sophomore at Green Level High School. She has been part of this organization for 5 years. Anika is a very determined leader and focuses on integrity and passion. She joined DOCNC to raise awareness and spread knowledge on what’s happening around the world. Being in the leadership team for a couple of years has also allowed her to make an impact on what she has learned. She wanted to embrace her passion for helping others and this organization was just the thing. She’s able to connect with so many people and spread her passion with others. Helping others has always been part of Anika’s life. Outside of the organization Anika is part of many clubs and she is part of her school’s varsity soccer team and also plays for the club. She loves to be active and also does half-marathons and triathlons. She also does piano and works on her passion to protect the environment.