Duke Pediatrics Bone Marrow Transplant

In the 2018-2019 school year, DOC NC raised $8,500 for Duke Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Department (PBMT). This program provides services and resources to help support patients and their loved ones. It is also a leader in established techniques and research initiatives. Our donation helped children’s families meet the costs of the transplantation that may have otherwise been financially inaccessible to them. It was an unforgettable experience for our volunteers as they worked hard to change the lives of other children.


Cary Diwali

A great local event, where thousands of people come, Cary Diwali is the prime place to fundraise in October. We enjoyed talking to people who empathized with our cause and met many people interested in helping us raise more money for Duke PBMT. We raised a total of $2300!

Halloween Event at Duke PBMT

Our volunteers were interested in interacting with the people we were raising money for. We joined the Duke PBMT department in their annual Halloween event to meet some of the wonderful children housed in that wing of the hospital.

November 2017

“Be Your Own Leader” Month, where volunteers were encouraged to go on their own and raise money by planning and executing their own events.

December 2017

Cary and Morrisville Police Department Luncheon

We wanted to thank the police for their amazing commitment to our town by having a talent show for them. It was a great event and we all had lots of fun.

January 2018


Radiothon was an opportunity for us to connect with other groups raising money for Duke Children’s Hospital. It was fun and we got to be mentioned on the radio for our effort.


We joined NCIAP, another local organization, who were having an event. DOC NC provided childcare and had lots of fun playing with the children who came. We raised $250!.

February 2018

Retirement Home Valentine Special

We spent Valentine’s weekend at a local retirement home by singing to the people who were there. We brought joy to many of them, and enjoyed it ourselves too.

March 2018

VIVA Event

We collaborated with local Mexican restaurant, Viva, and had a small event outside their diner. It was joined with a bouncy house and lots of good food and our public relations improved greatly!

April 2018

Car Wash

One of our final events of the year, we visited each house in the neighborhood and asked if they wanted their cars washed. Many agreed and DOC NC enjoyed playing and working at the same time. Our hard work paid off and we got $416! Way to go, team!

May 2018

Duke PBMT Walkathon

DOC NC joined Duke at their annual rainbow walk to celebrate everything we had done that year. It was truly a rewarding and inspiring experience. There were many stalls with various activities and food items.

June 2018

Red Cross Blood Drive

At the Northwest Cary YMCA, we partnered with Red Cross to run a blood drive where over 50 people donated their blood to help save the lives of patients who will need them. DOC NC helped every single volunteer register so that they not only got to do something amazing but so that they could do it efficiently.