Indian Creek Playground

In the 2018-2019 school year, DOC NC partnered with the Town Of Morrisville and YES! (Youth Engaged in Scholarship) to raise funds for special equipment for kids with different abilities to install in Indian Creek playground. The goal was to promote inclusivity among children and give them the ability to play together by reducing the impact of obstacles for those who are different. By dedicating time and effort to help those in our own community, DOC NC was able to get involved in a local cause that is sure to benefit the community for years to come.

August 2018


DOCNC partnered with the Town of Morrisville to attend S’Morrisville. We sold cold refreshments, snacks, as well as henna art, face art to raise money for the Indian Creek Playground. At S’Morrisville, DOCNC met the Mayor, got the word out about the DOCNC mission and vision, while also having fun. Members of DOCNC learned interpersonal communication skills and confidence that day, after having gone up to many people in attendance to request donations, and spread the word. DOCNC raised $512 at S’Morrisville.

September 2018

Walmart Fundraiser

DOCNC partnered with Walmart to fundraise through innovative methods, such as fun games, selling donated books, and selling jewelry. DOCNC connected with customers and shared memorable experiences to not only help spread the word and raise funds for a generous cause but also to learn valuable social skills. DOCNC raised $3,221 at the Walmart Fundraisers.

October 2018

Cary Diwali

DOCNC attends Cary Diwali annually. Members of DOCNC sign up for shifts throughout the day, and man the stand to sell raffle tickets, face art, henna tattoos, glow sticks, and more. While also working hard, members of DOCNC have a chance to engage in conversation with new people, while also getting to know team members better. It’s also a great time to witness the depth of Indian Culture, while staying active within the community. DOCNC raised $1,700 at the Cary Diwali Fundraiser.

Morrisville Community Park Halloween Festival

DOCNC attended the Morrisville Community Park Halloween event. Members of DOCNC signed up for shifts to sell samosas, chai, and raffle tickets while also handing out candy to children as they walked by. Volunteers handed out flyers to people interested in joining DOCNC. In total, DOCNC raised 623 dollars. 

November 2018

Be Your Own Leader

Be Your Own Leader Month is a month-long event in which DOCNC members are encouraged to take charge and put their leadership skills and creativity to the test by fundraising on their own. DOCNC members have come up with very innovative initiatives, such as selling original art, dog sitting, and even creating a weight-loss contest. DOCNC members raised $2,002 by being their own leaders.

December 2019

Annual Senior Show

DOCNC realized that many seniors felt lonely, and had no one to talk to. So, as a group, members decided to host a talent show for HSNC seniors. Members volunteered to showcase a talent, which varied from singing, dancing, playing an instrument and much more. 

February 2019

NCIAP Gala Child Care

NCIAP People’s Medical Care gives DOCNC the opportunity to host child care services at their annual gala in exchange for a donation towards the construction at the Indian Creek Playground. DOCNC members are in charge of keeping track of the children of attendees. DOCNC works together to keep the children entertained through various activities and games, such as hot potato and Monopoly. DOCNC raised $300 at this event. 

April 2019

Spring Daze

Spring Daze is an annual event meant to celebrate the beginning of spring with good music, food, and activities to do. Local businesses come by to sell their products, and services. DOCNC joined the ranks to fundraise for the Indian Creek Playground. Members of the team signed up for shifts, where they manned the stand and sold face art, as well as henna tattoos, as well as raffle tickets. Members volunteered to do face art and henna tattoos, during their shifts as well. Through DOCNC’s hard work and dedication, this event helped raise $1,151. 

May 2019

Spring Fest

Similarly to Spring Daze, Spring Fest was another event in which DOCNC was able to put their artistic skills to the test through face painting and henna tattoos to people of the community. DOCNC also held raffles with cool prizes, like gift cards to local restaurants and gift baskets. Spring Fest helped DOCNC rake in a total of $402 for the Indian Creek Playground.