Pen Pal Project

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors were isolated from their loved ones and the outside world due to their increased risk of contracting the virus. Keeping this in mind, Diya Mool and Simrika Joshi decided to kick off the pen pal project off with the goal of providing comfort and company to the seniors. This project pairs up a senior with one or more DOC NC member(s) to talk about their interests and learn from one another. It is a way for both seniors and young members to convey their feelings and find comfort in one another. 

The pen pal project team pairs up a DOC NC youth or two with a senior through a Google Form. Following this, members of the pen pal project team record the correspondence between the senior and the youth participant(s) to ensure everything is flowing smoothly. Often times, the pen pal project team does not intervene in the correspondence, so the conversation can have a natural flow. 

While there are many objectives the pen pal project team has, the main objective is to bridge the gap between adolescents/children and the older generation whilst providing comfort to one another. We need to bridge this gap to make certain the youth of today are compassionate and approachable individuals by everyone. We need to provide support for the older generation to grow as individuals.

Pictured from left to right are Sarayu Khajjayam, Anvita Anaja, Anita Punj, Armaan Punj, Ramesh Vora, Saran Jolly, and Diya Mool. The second row contains images of Sonia Birla, Dr. J.R. Setty, Siri Joshi, Mridula "Misha" Shah, Simrika Joshi, and Pari Sidana. The third row pictures Shreya Gundam, Kirit Parekh, Vera Malhotra, Rekha Banker, Varenyam Malhotra, Snehal Marota, and Mahesh Varia.