The Legacy Project is a task that puts youth and seniors in the same room to talk about their similarities, differences, perspectives, and tell stories about their lives. It is a way to save all the best parts of a lifetime and make their memories accessible to those in future generations.

We are sitting down a youth or two from DOC NC (Dedicated to Our Community of North Carolina) with a senior and providing each with some background information about the other. We are then recording a lightly-scripted conversation between the two. Lightly scripted meaning coming up with questions in advance, but let the conversation take its natural flow. The results of this conversation will be uploaded to this website to be available to everyone to listen to and share.

The end goal of this project is to have a gorgeous collection of interviews and stories to share with the next generation and beyond. We need to keep the amazing stories alive so they don’t disappear into the void of untold stories. We need to ensure people’s legacies live on.

This program was created by Sonia Birla and led jointly by her and Shreya Gundam.

Contact Sonia Birla sonia@docnc.org or Shreya Gundam shreya@docnc.org if interested.